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We provide Business Intelligence, Reporting, Analytics and Data warehouse based solutions consulting. Our services help clients to turn data into actionable insight. We work with clients to understand their business challenges and provide solution to fit the need. To define and deliver metrics that guide strategic decision-making at the enterprise or departmental level, we use a range of methods, including:

What we offer?

Implementation Services

We offer BI, Analytical and Data warehouse implementation services from end to end solution. We use proven industry expertise and advanced services and methodologies, to help business effectively execute the implementation cycle while reducing time and optimizing costs.
Our implementation services include

Dashboard Design

We help our clients in designing effective dashboards that provide in-depth understanding of the goals of the company, how the end-consumers of dashboards can positively affect those goals, and the right way to display the required information.
We provide the following services

BI Application Migration & Upgrade

Our Migration and Upgrade services provide customers with expert knowledge and best practices to quickly deploy and operationalize new releases of Business Analytics tools. Services range from providing guidance and support to delivering migrated BI applications and reports ready for deployment. Using our services client have following benefits

EDW architecture & design

Our data warehouses architecture & design services offer a range of features all focused on enhancing customer‘s business analysis capabilities and solving most complex business problems. Our clients benefit from:

Data integration & ETL

Our data integration services help customer‘s to solve their enterprise information integration and enterprise application integration challenges. We utilize data profiling, data quality and metadata tools to make certain that the data is not only accurate, but contains the context necessary to turn it into useful information.
We provide following ETL and data integration services

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