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Ascent Payroll

The complete Payroll Management Solution

You need a solution that is flexible as well as reliable, fast & easy. Ascent Payroll is packed with time and money saving features. With Ascent Payroll you can quickly take in-house control of payroll. Ascent Payroll has put the power of today's leading payroll software processing technologies right on your personal computer in an uncomplicated, understandable format. The design of Ascent Payroll was directed by the feedback of its users. This means you'll quickly discover Ascent Payroll works just as you and your accounting staff do.

Ascent Payroll can handle almost any real-life payroll problem. Multi-state taxes, Multi-location taxes, Arrears computation, bonus, ex-gratia computation, mass changes and many more are all handled with the touch of a mouse. Advanced reporting tool allows quick and easy access to data in the form you need without requiring the assistance of professional programmers or IT support.

Key Features of Ascent Payroll:

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