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SARA CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Due to cut-throat competition and increased advertising clutter, it is essential for every enterprise to focus on enhancing customer relationship. Enterprises around the world that have initiated CRM systems have benefited from faster sales cycle, increased customer retention and reduced cost of acquiring new customers. SARA CRM covers Marketing and Sales Management, Customer Feedback & Complaint, Field Service, Sales Force Optimization and Partner Relationship Management (PRM).

The system maintains a comprehensive customer profile including various contact persons, decision makers along with their likes and dislikes, line of business, products purchased/sold, different suppliers, market share, turnover, quality certification, various registrations etc. The system also maintains database on competitors.

The Marketing & Sales Management module helps all the marketing & sales personnel to manage all the stages of the sales work flow. The marketing manager can define various campaigns, the pricing policy, targets & incentives and literature on Company, Products and Competitors. The system maintains a Marketing Encyclopedia which includes various decision issues, how to deal with customer resistance, comparison of the company's products with the competitor's products, company's and competitor's product literature. The telesales reps can identify, contact and qualify the leads and pass on the sales opportunities to the sales reps. The sales reps can meet the decision makers, establish the need, provide solutions for customer's concerns, demonstrate the product, deliver presentations and proposals, submit quotations, negotiate terms and close the sale.

The Customer Feedback System keeps track of all customer complaints, effect of complaints, the action to be taken by production, dispatch, quality, marketing department, etc. to avoid further complaints.

The Sales Force Optimization module helps the sales force to query the customer profile, their specifications, pending orders, and outstanding details. The salesman can enter the visit details, new orders, their observations, expense report, etc. on hand held devices and upload this information from hand held device to the main computer via internet.

The Field Service module covers various types of maintenance contracts and their entitlements with the customers. The users can enter maintenance calls, assign maintenance personnel, arrange for spare machine. The system provides information on manpower utilized & spares consumed to attend the calls. It also provides an analysis of the profitability of various types of maintenance contracts.

The Partner Relationship Management (PRM) module is a powerful tool to manage channel partners. It helps the partners to use company's Marketing Encyclopedia to increase their sales. It also provides them with presentation and proposal templates to reduce their sales cycle.

SARA CRM is tightly integrated with SARA ERP and SARA HR.

Modules of SARA CRM:

SARA's applications have been successfully implemented in India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, etc.